Wednesday, March 22, 2006

T.O.: The Crusader

I wanted to introduce myself to this blog. My name is Will and I work with Luke. I also wanted my first post to address one of my favorite pasttimes, football. Specifically, I could not pass on the opportunity to mock one of the game's biggest morons: Terrell Owens or T.O. for the uninitiated. T.O. has a book deal and his publisher described the book as follows: "Finally, the real T.O. story can be told. It's an important chapter in the long-term struggle for players' rights in the NFL."

Apparently, T.O.'s fight to escape from the oppressive contract providing him millions of dollars in order to get additional millions is part of some struggle for the rights of his brethren. Mind you, that in a salary cap system like the NFL has, the more T.O. makes, the less available money there is for his teammates. Nonetheless, apparently T.O.'s efforts have benefitted the average player in ways that only he and his publisher understand (and will be explained to us in Ineligible Receiver).

I continue to be amazed at how many players and people treat the hoarding of wealth as if it is some act of kindness or defiance against some evil force. An example of this can be found whenever Bush or other of his cronies discuss the tax cuts for the highest income. We live in a capitalist society and the hoarding of wealth is part of a system that has provided amazing advancements in technology and comforts, but lets call it for what it is. In that light, I wish to thank David Givens, the newest wide receiver for the Tennessee Titans who signed a lucrative contract with a mediocre team over remaining for less money with the New England Patriots and stated, in amazingly honest terms: "I'm a single guy with no children, and at this point in my career business is my priority. Sometimes in the business world, a change has to be made to fulfill personal goals. And I am not afraid of change."


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