Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy Begins -- with a Blog -- and a Column about Legal Blogs

(updated below)

Welcome. This blog will be dedicated to my thoughts on the law and politics (and insurance, though I'll try to keep it interesting).

I am a 26-year old attorney in Philadephia, where I spend my days as an insurance coverage litigator at Anderson, Kill & Olick, exclusively representing policyholders in actions against their insurance companies.

My first foray into the mainstream media can be found at the Legal Intelligencer, the nation's oldest legal newspaper. My monthly column, The Blog Brief, which appears on the Thursday of the third week of each month, will focus on what is happening on legal blogs across the country.

The first column, Scandal Blogging: Grappling with Greymail and Warrantless Wiretapping, highlights recent work by Glenn Greenwald of Unclaimed Territory (update: which I just noticed that I misidentified as "Unqualified Offerings", the title of a different blog, in the column) and Reddhedd at firedoglake.

Feel free to make yourself at home. I'll be posting as often as my schedule allows.


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