Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Environmental Injustice at Oakville, Louisiana

A diary by alli at notre dame at the Daily Kos, I'm Sorry, Ms. Jackson - A Primer on Environmental Injustice, provides a grim look at one destination of Hurricane Katrina waste: Oakville, Lousiana, a small African-American community in Plaquemines Parish where the local landfill is filling with waste less than 50 feet from people's homes and, as seen in the photo above, without even a fence.

The Times Picayune has more coverage of this story, and notes that similar disputes are arising at other Louisiana landfills.


Blogger albertjames said...

The problem of construction and demolition ("C&D") debris disposal is enormous in storm-affected areas. In testimony before the committee, Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality Secretary Mike McDaniel reported that Katrina and Rita generated more than 62 million cubic yards of debris -- enough to fill the Louisiana Superdome more than 10 times. And more is on the way: While 12,000 storm-damaged homes have been demolished to date, about 30,000 additional homes are slated for dismantling.
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