Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Thermonuclear Blog Warfare

What has dancing furry conventioneers and Morman rap, a Shatner video followed by a Leonard Nimoy music video, another Shatner video, but this one followed by Connie Chung, long uncomfortable moments with Chewbacca's family and Kids Incorporated, “Dschinghis Kahn” and Octopus Bomb, Starbucks employees singing We Built This City, Teen Steam and Wendy's grill skillz, inexplicably annoying music videos from artists like Carl Lewis, Tiny Tim, Hasselhoff, more Hasselhoff, the Beach Boys, Billy Squier, Wesley Willis, Dio, Pat Benatar, Dr. Hook, and assorted bad hair bands, Princess Leia singing, Mr. T fashion design, and a grudge match between Colin Powell and John Ashcroft?

Answer: The Great Annoying Video War of Aught-Six.

All of this senseless violence... senseless.


Hostilities are continuing.

And, now there's a dedicated new player in the mix, Axis of the Really Annoying.


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