Friday, January 05, 2007

Top 10 Congressional Investigations

Obviously, you could expand this list (post-Katrina waste and mismanagement?), but the Editors at the Poor Man Institute for Freedom and Democracy and a Pony has posted his Top 10 Most Anticipated Congressional Investigations for 2007.

Number 8 is the forgotten terror attack: the anthrax letters from over five years ago that were mailed to Senator Daschle, Tom Brokaw, Senator Leahy and others, killing five people and injuring seventeen. A less important but more amusing investigation to us denizens of Philadelphia would be number 9: Bush's lie about his alleged preference for cheez whiz on his cheesesteak (he actually likes American) in the wake of Senator Kerry's gaffe ordering his with swiss. What will we tell the children!?

I definitely second number 1, the long-promised but constantly "delayed" so-called "Phase 2" investigation on how the pre-Iraq War intelligence was used/skewed/manufactured by the Administration to serve its political ends.

Particularly, I still want to know -- who was responsible for the creation and distribution of the forged documents concerning uranium from Niger?


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