Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Still Unanswered: Who Forged the Documents that Led to the Iraq War

Josh Marshall's team at TPM is still on the lonely case -- the world's biggest unsolved mystery story that almost nobody seems to have any interest in solving. As the Blog Brief has repeatedly asked: Who forged the forged documents?

The Washington Post went front page today with the whole forgery conspiracy, but as Paul Kiel at TPM explains, almost the whole article is devoted to irrelevancies and side points:
It doesn't really tell how a bogus letter became a case for war. In that story, the beginning and the end would be of utmost importance -- the beginning being the origin of the documents, the end the Bush administration's suppression of their fraudulence.
The real story is reduced to two sentences that don't appear until the very end of the article:
It remains unclear who fabricated the documents. Intelligence officials say most likely it was rogue elements in Sismi who wanted to make money selling them.


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