Monday, May 14, 2007

Fred Thompson is a joke

The man the cable pundits want to be president called for Scooter Libby to be pardoned in the same speech in which he proudly praised the "rule of law." I assume Thompson knows what "rule of law" means, who Scooter Libby is, and what Libby was convicted of.

That being the case, I take it that Thompson is pro- covering up malfeasance and conspiracies at the highest levels of government to intentionally out a CIA operative working undercover on weapons of mass destruction proliferation, all so you can cover-up your weak case for the Iraq War and discredit a critic, and then lie about it when under oath.

Here is Valerie Plame herself:
"But all of my efforts on behalf of the national security of the United States, all of my training, all the value of my years of service, were abruptly ended when my name and identity were exposed irresponsibly."

Plame said she was "shocked by the evidence that emerged" in the Libby trial about the leaking of her identity.

"My name and identity were carelessly and recklessly abused by senior government officials in both the White House and the State Department," she testified. "All of them understood that I worked for the CIA. And, having signed oaths to protect national security secrets, they should have been diligent in protecting me and every CIA officer."

She said the harm done by blowing a CIA cover is "grave," but that she could not provide details in her case. In general, she said, such breaches have endangered CIA officers, destroyed networks of foreign agents and discouraged others from trusting the U.S. government to protect them.

"We in the CIA always know that we might be exposed and threatened by foreign enemies," Plame said. "It was a terrible irony that administration officials were the ones who destroyed my cover." She added that testimony in the Libby trial "indicates that my exposure arose from purely political motives."

As another blogger put it, Libby's "cover-up successfully prevented anyone from being prosecuted for outing Valerie Plame or lying about the Iraq War. Libby was the instrument used to perpetuate a cover-up about a cover-up and protect the President." Then again, maybe Libby is Thompson's kind of guy.


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