Tuesday, May 08, 2007

September is just another F.U.

So in the last week, Bush vetoed Congress's bill to get us out of Iraq, the LA Times did a complete 180 on the war, and the Washington Post, for some reason, seems to think that September is now the "key deadline" in the war.

Where has the Post been? Bush will not be leaving Iraq during his presidency. He has made that as clear as he possibly could. See: "We're not leaving, so long as I'm the President."

September is just another Friedman Unit (F.U.), the most recent in a long series of incorrectly-predicted corner turnings, critical periods, last chances, and false deadlines.

As Atrios put it: "the real issue isn't about prognostication, but about the perpetual punting of The Iraq Question to a future date. It allows the pundit, or politician, to seem Real Concerned About The War without actually bothering to take it seriously."


In the meantime, the war continues to destroy lives and families both here and in Iraq. Riverbend, the Iraqi blogger who has been pouring out her heart onto the internet since the invasion in 2003, is now leaving Iraq with her family. We wish her the best of luck in these unimaginable circumstances, and hope that she can return to her home soon.


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