Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Long War Three Years In: Just the Links (and a sentence)

Over the past week, progressive bloggers have been commemorating the third anniversary of the beginning of the Iraq War (a war that Bush has finally acknowledged he will leave brewing for "future presidents," meaning we'll be passing this sordid anniversary with our young men and women still in Iraq at *least* three more times (assuming Bush has his way here until then and assuming that this intent is not overcome by facts on the ground there), but then again, we're still in Germany, Japan, Korea and a number of other countries decades after we finished the applicable war, and I would not underestimate the political courage it would take for a future President of either party to actually pull the trigger on withdrawal):

Three Years..., by Riverbend
Hell on the Installment Plan, by James Wolcott
Top Ten Catastrophes of the Third Year of American Iraq, by Juan Cole
Nation Unbuilding, by Lance Mannion
Mister, I Ain't a Boy, by Tom Watson
We Told You So, by tristero
The Boundaries of our Power, by Digby
Why does bin Laden dictate our Iraq policy?, by georgia10
Three Years of War in Iraq, a Timeline, by Think Progress
Three Years, by mcjoan
The Death of Shame in Our Pundit Class, by Glenn Greenwald
General Pace, when you do plan on speaking up?, by John in DC
Top newspapers' editorials wimp out on Iraq war anniversary, by John in DC
The War Party in Disarray, by Justin Raimondo
American Megalomania: Our 'national security strategy' is crazed nonsense, by Justin Raimondo
Losing the War, by Kevin Drum
"Open-Ended Commitment", by Kevin Drum
Good News from Iraq via Instapundit, by Winston Smith
Let's Go Get Saddam and Get Out!, by Scott Horton
Still Right, Three Years Later, by Laura Turner
White House Fact('s Are Fungible) Sheet On Iraq, by BarbinMD
The Iraq War, Three Years On, by Ruy Teixeira
Civil War is Here, by Richard Dreyfuss
Groundhog Day, by Billmon

and for morbid levity's sake: Bush, Cheney Drop Huge Cake On Iraq, Crush Power Plant, by Tom Burka

Update: I can't believe I forgot Poland, I mean Fafblog!


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