Saturday, April 29, 2006

Enemies everywhere

"The only good monolith is a bombed monolith"

Sadly, No! draws conclusions for "the Left," beginning:

Here's a story of importance, via Matthew Yglesias, who doesn't seem to appreciate the gravity of what he's discovered. Francis Fukuyama, the apostate neoconservative, says that in the 1990s, neocons tried to manufacture an enemy, because they felt that the Republican Party "didn't do as well" when there wasn't a ruthless, monolithic pinkomuslimcommienihilist threat to America.

People, this, coming from Fukuyama (who would know), is big. It's as big as Ike's Warning about the military-industrial complex; bigger than Bill Kristol's admitting that "The Liberal Media" is a useful wingnut delusion. It's big because it provides the final and conclusive missing evidence for something that the Left has known and argued for years but could never prove: That wingnuts contrive monolithic foreign enemies, either by exaggeration or by invention from whole cloth. The Left just never knew whether such a position came from a conscious decision, or if it was instead organic and structural (i.e., simply stupidity). Now, at least for the example of the 1990s, we have a formidable testimony, from the inside so to speak, that it was conscious and deliberate.
Full post here (warnings: language, snark, and broad and unfair sociological, psychological, historical and political generalization-based analysis/rant).


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