Wednesday, May 16, 2007


The above was part of Professor Blakey's take-home final exam in Jurisprudence at Notre Dame Law School, my alma mater (I took Constitutional Criminal Procedure with Professor Blakey, and loved it). Apparently, students were directed to, in 30 pages or less, use the outline to “trace the history of jurisprudence and evaluate it.”

The part-outline, part-artwork is titled “Jurisprudence at a glance” and was handed out on the last day of class by Professor G. Robert Blakey. (It first appeared here.)

In all fairness, Blakey went over the outline with his 2L and 3L students in detail, weaving the work of dozens of philosophers (from Plato to Ronald Dworkin) into the greater history of law and philosophy. In class he spends 50 minutes on connecting the scribblings together


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