Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Seen on the internets

Scarecrow's take on (former) Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez:
Excuse me, but it is an attorney’s job to tell his/her client when they’re crossing the line and to stop. And that’s really important when your client is the President of the United States, because when the President crosses the line into illegality, he can get the country into serious trouble and cause lots of damage.

When Alberto Gonzales said “the President has the inherent authority under the Constitution as commander in chief to engage in [warrantless spying on Americans]” he failed to do his job. He was not supporting “the President’s war policies.” He was sanctioning the commission of felonies. And he continues to this day to sanction the commission of felonies and to participate in a cover up preventing lawful investigations by Congress and his own DoJ of the scope of those felonies and how they came to be committed. When Gonzales said it was okay to kidnap people, render them to other countries to be interrogated, to use “aggressive interrogation techniques,” hold people indefinitely without charges, deny detainees rights guaranteed by the Geneva Conventions, let alone those guaranteed by our Constitution, statutes and treaties, he was not “holding firm on the President’s war policies.” He was sanctioning war crimes.


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