Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Spanish Downing Street Papers

Yet more confirmation that Bush was determined to go to war with Iraq in March 2003, regardless of diplomacy, and despite his public statements to the contrary. What is more, Bush apparently sent our troops to war to remove Saddam Hussein from power despite receiving an offer from Saddam Hussein to go into exile.


Blogger Gary said...

With the plethora of evidence in the public domain of the conspiracy to go to war with Iraq, why doesnt the Democratic majority in Congress at least move ahead with the Impeachment Resolution offered by Kucinich?

On what basis is the War in Iraq legal?

An Impeachment debate in the House and/or Senate would serve, at the very least, to publically air the details of the crimes of the Bush administration.

I hear many Democratic party leaders explain that any move to impeach would be a 'waste of time'. How is this attitude upholding their oaths of office to defend the Constitution? Doesnt the Democratic leadership take their oaths of office seriously either?

What can one do to help effect justice? How can we help to prevent escalation of the 'proxy' war with Iran?

4:36 PM, September 29, 2007  

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